Ventile Jacket with buttons

335 €

The ageless black stylish jacket will never get old fashioned.


  • zipped or buttoned closure
  • collar buttons
  • double sided side straps for a perfect fit
  • over the hips – tube and reflective material
  • reflective stripe on the bottom of the collar
  • expanded shoulder solution uses a hidden dart for comfortable movement
  • extended sleeves with shaped cuff
  • extended back
  • three front zipper pockets
  • two back-pockets, one with waterproof zipper, second covered with recycled inner-tubes flap
  • inside breast phone-pocket

Upper: High quality water-resistante Ventile® material made from 100% cotton. The performance of Ventile® fabrics results from the properties of cotton fibres which expand when they come into contact with water. Ventile® fabrics offer long life, superior breathability and excellent protection against wind, rain and snow, with the added advantage of being quiet and comfortable.

Maintenance and history of the material.

Lining: 100% Cotton

If we do not have a jacket on the stock, production takes about 3 weeks. We will be specified after each order.
The jacket is made in the Czech Republic.