Bicycle Inner Tube Jacket

Exclusive Custom-Made

Why trying to fit it if you can to stand out in the crowd?

This asymmetric Bicycle Inner Tube Jacket is ready for every occasion, as it is custom designed and fitted. Custom design offers versatility in styles and sizes. Your jacket will be unique and is made in the style that best fits your needs and preferences. It is offered in variety of styles e.g. single breasted, cardigan, tailcoat etc…

The jacket is made from recycled bicycle inner-tubes, which is the signature of our brand. The tire tubing has unique properties that are superiod to natural leather – stretchable, flexible yet extremely durable, waterproof, thorn and scratch resistance, air tight and feather light!

You’ll need a minimum of one fitting and account for at least two weeks. Pricing start at 18.000 Kcs.
Please contact us for more information.

Upper: recycled bicycle inner-tubes
Lining: 100% cotton