Outlast® T-shirt - long sleeve

75 €

Do you want a functional, yet elegant t-shirt? An ideal piece for sports. The material works like a Merino, but regulates the temperature according to your body, ie. heats and cools just as you need. Now in winter, ideal for running, cross-country skiing, skiing, but even in the office you will not get lost with it.
T-shirt made of unique material Outlast®!. It was originally designed for NASA to protect astronauts against divergences of temperature in the space. It holds a certificate guaranteeing Certified Space Technology, which allows constant regulation of the microclimate of the skin.
The material is outstanding in the sensation of ideal thermal comfort. You will feel just fine.

The shirt has an extended back, long sleeves with holes for the thumb. Shaped hood that covers the neck, under hood ribbon with logo.

66% cotton, 28% CV Outlast®, 6% elastane, reflective stripe

If we do not have a t-shirt on the stock, production takes about two weeks. We will specify after each order.
All our clothes are made in Czech Republic.