The New Collection Plays with Materials for Astronauts and Pilots

Do you want to wear garments made of unique materials which have been worn by RAF pilots? Do you know what Edmund Hillary was wearing during the first ascent to Mount Everest? How to stay warm when you are in the space? Our two iconic pieces will make that possible!

Our two iconic pieces:
Exclusive Jacket – Ventile®/Outlast®
Exclusive Raincoat – Ventile®/Outlast®

“We have introduced a new collection of men’s jackets which were made of unique materials Ventile and Outlast. Ventile was developed in the UK during WWII in order to protect RAF pilots who fell in freezing cold ocean waters. The material Ventile was tested by a number of world’s adven­turers. For example, Sir Edmund Hillary was wearing it while ascending to Mount Everest, Sir Ranulph Fiennes conducted his famous polar expeditions in it. “RAF Tornado pilots have worn the fabric Ventile until today. And Czech men can wear it now, too,” says Eliška Mertová, the co-founder of the brand. Furthermore, Ventile, made of 100% cotton, is a predecessor of today’s waterproof fabrics. “We were also inspired by the history of famous outdoor textile materials when making the linings. We chose the material Outlast, which was originally designed for NASA to protect astronauts from changing temperatures in the space. It was awarded with Certified Space Technology, which allows for constant regulation of the microclimate of the skin,” adds Eliška Mertová.

You can wear the iconic cuts of SegraSegra men’s jackets to a meeting at work or during a weekend spent outdoors.

Photos: Michal Ureš, Google