New Collection MNMLSM /minimalism/

The new collection is called MNMLSM /minimalism/. It will provide your wardrobe with fundamental pieces, which you will be able to combine freely.

Minimalist design, clean cuts, and basic colours, together with discreet prints Slow, Ethical, Zero Waste or Recycled Fashion contribute to the philosophy which the brand SegraSegra has been dedicated to for more than ten years.

“Our customers asked for simple, easily combinable, one-colour pieces whose styling wouldn’t be complicated,” says Eliška Mertová, the co-founder of the brand. The idea of slow fashion has been intrinsic to the brand since its establishment. “You don’t have to have a wardrobe full of cheap, low-quality garments sewn thousands of kilometres away, but it’s enough to have a few simple pieces made of Moravian fabrics by skilful Czech dressmakers,” adds Eliška Mertová.

Who would not like to wear the inscription Slow and really slow down these days?

All you need is less…