Don't throw away old bicycle inner tubes, recycle them with us!

Do you like the idea of slow fashion? Looking for a substitute for leather accessories? Are you wondering what can be made of your ruptured inner tubes from Sunday bike trip? Try SegraSegra wallets and backpacks from recycled bicycle inner tubes!

Using recycled bicycle inner tubes has become our sign of recognition. This material is incredibly resistant to outwearing and washing. Moreover, it gets a shine with time. It is a great, environment-friendly substitute for leather accessories. Therefore, our customer base has extended also to vegans.

Inner tubes from tyres and bicycles would be decomposing for hundreds of years in a landfill. We have recycled about 2, 000 inner tubes in the past seven years, which accounts for about 280 kg of recycled material. And we have not finished yet!

Look what can be made of recycled material: Accessories