About us

SegraSegra, which translates to Sister Sister, was founded by the sisters duo in 2007 in Prague, and it has been led by the fashion designers Eliška and Dagmar Mertová. The studio is focused on fashion design for modern cyclists using original and unusual materials, including bicycle-tire inner tubes. Our philosophy is to „liberate“ bikers from multicolored sportswear and to develop the highest quality Street Fashion for cyclists in an urban environment. As an active cyclists and designers, they have recognized the need of modern active professionals for a ready-to-wear “ bicycle-to-office” fashion that combines business suiting with fashion elements and novel natural materials (e.g. recycled bicycle tubes, weather proofing fabrics) with daily functionality, and as a result offers a high elegance and daily chic.

For us, fashion is not a seasonal thing but a value that should last for more than one season. Instead of regularly introducing new collections, we focus more on the details and the quality of our current designs so that they never become old fashioned.

Our collections are made in small series exclusively in the Czech Republic and a large part of our designs is tailor-made.

Since 2015, we have extended our portfolio with Mama by Segra

Eliška Mertová a Dáša Mertová